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    I just need to post this cute “badass baby” 👶 #igkids #tats

    I just need to post this cute “badass baby” 👶 #igkids #tats

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I am hopeless romantic kind of person. I believe in falling inlove, getting hurt, moving on and falling inlove all over again.

I am a 22 year old, a registered nurse and a wanna be chef. Yes, you heard me I love cooking and baking. The best part is that I got to taste all the food I'll be making (say no to diet).

I also love dancing. I tend to sing as in really sing out loud when I'm around my family and friends especially inside the shower (tell me someone who never did that). Anyway, I enjoy amusement parks 'cause I like the adrenaline, the rush and the feeling of pure bliss while screaming in different rides, I guess what I'm trying to say is I feel FREE.

I hope you guys can relate to my blogs.
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